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Story songs, acoustic music


Previous events


Mal Solo

Hotel Pullman Auckland, Corner Princes Street and Waterloo Quadrant,, Auckland

Mal plays solo early evening Friday 

Free Entry


Mal and Lewis McCallum

Dr Rudis, The Viaduct Harbour, Auckland

Mal and Lewis with their unique duo Sounds 


****** hearts & crafts album available now *********************



My new album is called Hearts & Crafts -  I have two videos off this album on You Tube and FB  Check out Life Worth Livin and Love Come Rescue Me on my FB music page. i have some footage done for a third... for Me and Melody I have some ideas for gigs too, some special things to go with this album.

I'm updating  a lot more often with day to day stuff over in FB land, here.

Up date on my old album re-releases... it happening!! Thanks to Chris Caddick's work at Recorded Music here in NZ The Things We Need from WEA  ( now Warners ) is out on Digital now.  quite a blast to hear some of these old tracks, with a few old acquaintances playing on them. Re mastered for digital by Steve McGough at Stebbing Studios in Herne Bay back where it was recorded in 1976. We found an unreleased track, my version of True Love's Never Easy, a song that Mark Williams had recorded on his fab album Taking It All In Stride.

My Two Australian Albums for CBS (now Sony Music) Naked To The Sky (1978) and Victim in Paradise (1979) are due for digital re release soon, they sound pretty cool as well, from 30 years on ! 

Stepping Stones CD from 2000 is available direct from this site, and is about to go digital also  I only have a few physical CDs left, so send me an email if you're keen, or download here.  I 'm pretty much out of Above The Wires CDs but you can download it from here at CDBaby.