From the recording Thinking About You


Thinking About You.
©M.McCallum Aug 2004 All Rights Reserved
I see you there in the light of the moon
Follow you down, I’ll follow you home
I been out here just a little too long, in this 
Rock ‘n’ roll danger zone
But when all these things  have been said and done
One thing I want you to know, is
          I’ve been thinking about you
         And I’m finding the words to say
         That I can’t be without you
         Not for one more day…
2nd&3rdx’s only  
I’ve been thinking about you
And it’s clear where I’ll find my way
And I can’t be without you
Not for one more day…
I’ve seen your  smile through the eyes of a child
Follow you down, I’ll follow you home
Right there and then’s when I realised, I would
Never  survive alone
So if there should be some way you could see, I
Hope you’ll be letting me know, ‘cause
Rpt chorus x 2
… not a single day…
Call me any old time, a letter’s just fine,  
Whenever you think I should know , ‘cause
Chorus x 2
Thinkin’ about you….