************************* NEW ALBUM SOON ********************************




My new album is called Hearts & Crafts - release date tba but not far away now. It's all recorded and mixed, just sorting out the cover. i have also shot and edited two vids for a couple of tracks, and some footage for a third... I have some ideas for gigs too, some special things to go with this album.

I'm updating  a lot more often with day to day stuff over in FB land, here.

I hope to have my entire old catalogue available at least for download at some point, but I haven't asked anyone yet !! The news flash as i <arch 2019 is that Warners NZ have approved my original album from 1976 'The Things We Need' to be re- released digitally... Don't hold your breath !!

Stepping Stones CD from 2000 is available direct from this site, I only have a few left, so send me an email if you're keen! I'm pretty much out of Above The Wires CDs but you can download it from CDBaby 


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