Mal McCallum


1976 The Things We Need vinyl (WEA)NZ only

1978  Naked To The Sky vinyl & cassette (CBS) Aust and NZ

1980 Victim In Paradise Vinyl and cassette (CBS)Aust and NZ

1988 K.1.W.1. single nz only vinyl (EMI) duet with Mark Williams

2000 Stepping Stones (indie) self release

2006 above the wires ( indie) self release



Began playing in Palmerston North about 1973, STRAITE toured around NZ and migrated to Auckland around 1974-75, playing places like The Windsor Castle in Parnell, Grandpa's and Grandma's in Durham Lane downtown, for Tommy Adderly, doing TV shows like The Grunt Machine, the Hauraki Buckahead concerts in Albert Park, playing a support for Hush from Australia. The band recorded some tracks for Glyn Tucker in Mandrill Studios in Parnell, and then Mal did some solo demos at Harlequin, and recorded the first solo LP for Tim Murdoch at WEA, with the great Julian Lee producing. 

Mal recorded some solo demos at Mandrill with the idea of releasing a single, but was offered a contract to go to Australia to record with Alan Galbraith at CBS records. he went to Melbourne at the start of 1978, and recorded Naked To The Sky with the help of several of The Little River Band, who were in between having finished recording Sleeper Catcher, and heading off to a tour in the US. Drummer Derek Pellici, bassist George McArdle, and ex guitarist Rick Formosa played on the album, with Rick doing arrangements for many tracks, along with some backing vocals from 'Cheetah' a solo from Phil Manning and keys from Dave Fraser. 

Mal shifted to Sydney in late 1978, and formed the Malcolm McCallum band, with a steady lineup of Richard Harvey on drums, the late Ian ('Narra')Belton on Bass, and Mark McCIntee on guitars. this band was the nucleus for the second album, 'Victim In Paradise', recorded in Sydney at EMI 301 studios in 1979/80.  Other band players later included Bob Howlett on keys, Rex Goh on guitar, Brenton White on guitar, Mark Punch on guitar, and a few others.

The band played a lot around Sydney, especially the Rocks at The Orient and The Governors Pleasure, and Bondi Junction as well as many other hotels around Sydney and elsewhere, including the Gold Coast and Melbourne from time to time.

Mal played a lot of solo gigs from 1981 to 1991 in Sydney, and shifted back to Auckland with his family in 1991.